What advice would you give to your younger self?


Reflections from PMW’s 1st semester 2021 Words by Bianca Oana Asanache As the new season has kicked off, we want to welcome our new mentees in a special way. This is a fresh start, a new chapter of your life. If you’re here, it’s because you have already made an important decision for yourself. You are […]

Please Don’t Ask Me About Cocaine

woman with hand up

Words by Diana Milena Lopez Duque Australia is a wonderful country full of people of different backgrounds. Most of them are from England, India, China, New Zealand and the Philippines.1 This multiculturalism is due to waves of migrations from all over the world. Among the reasons people decide to leave their countries are violence, poverty, […]

Can Migrants Have Their New Home and Their Wellness Too?

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What does wellness, balance and wellbeing look and feel like for those how have uprooted? Words by Maria Rebeca Ortiz     To many migrants and refugees, wellness, rest, and self-care are merely novel ideas. A type of lifestyle indulged in by those who possess extra resources and the cushion of familiarity to lean on. […]