Normalising Money Talks

“You have to have money, but you can’t ask for money because that’s crass”    The above quote is from a small indie movie called “Barbie” – you probably never heard of it. I thought it resonated with this article as we explore one of the biggest contradictions in gender inequality as we approach IWD’s […]

MFFs Forever

This Valentine’s Day, we wanted to dedicate this edition of our blog to our MFFs: Migrant Female Friendships. Oftentimes we associate displacement with the difficulties of leaving our blood relatives behind. In contrast, we rarely address the role of our chosen family in our relocation journey.  Let’s talk about the significance of our Migrant Female […]

Speaking up against Gender-Based Violence 

Gender-based violence encompasses various forms of harm, including sexual, physical, mental, and economic abuse, whether occurring publicly or in private settings. Gender-based violence can happen to anyone however it’s prevalent amongst young girls and women. It involves threats, coercion, and manipulation, manifesting in different ways such as intimate partner violence, sexual assault, child marriage, female […]

Unlock Your Potential with Positive Intelligence: The Secret to Thriving in Life

We all know that our thoughts can sometimes hold us back and prevent us from reaching our full potential. That’s where Positive Intelligence (PQ) comes in. Positive Intelligence focuses on our ability to use our experiences, knowledge, and mindset to unlock our true potential. It’s a way of thinking that helps us navigate life’s challenges […]

Protecting My Mental Health During the Job Search: 7 Things That Have Helped Me

Let’s face it… In today’s technological and digital-driven world, job hunting can be nothing less than daunting. Especially when you’re a migrant woman on a quest for a professional job in a foreign country. Even worse! A foreign professional market.   Trust me, I know.   It’s not just the usual job search jitters we […]

Salary Aspirations. How to Answer this Question During a Job Interview

How to Answer the Question About Your Salary Aspirations During a Job Interview

The question about salary aspirations was always a tricky one for me to answer during a job interview. And if you are anything like me, you might also feel unsure of how much you should ask for, and sometimes you can be afraid of appearing too greedy or too modest. It is important to remember […]

Preparing for Job Interviews: A Guide for Migrant Women

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re a migrant woman who’s trying to get a foot in the door of the professional world. You might already have the education and experience you need, but you’re not sure about the nuances of the job application process that can make or break your chances of landing […]

Connecting Threads of Culture: Navigating Australia’s Aboriginal Heritage as a Migrant

Professional Migration Women would like to acknowledge that we stand in unceded lands. We pay our respect to the traditional custodians of the lands on which we are fortunate to live, love, work and thrive. #AlwaysHasBeenAlwaysWillBe   We acknowledge Diversity, advocate for Inclusion and fosters a sense of Belonging. Something I noticed after living in […]

From Labels to Empowerment: Redefining Narratives and Creating Opportunities for Migrants

Breaking Barriers and Unleashing Potential. Panel of Female speakers IWD 2023- PMW

Expat or migrant? Can you spot the difference? Have you ever noticed how certain words used to describe similar things or situations can convey different connotations, sometimes even with a negative spin? Let’s take the words ‘Expat’ and ‘Migrant,’ for example. ‘Expat’ is commonly used to refer to people who move from one country temporarily, […]