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Who We Are

We aim to maximise the visibility and representation of migrant women in professional Australia.


Creating Opportunities for Professional Migrant Women

PMW is an organisation that helps migrant women overcome employment obstacles by providing professional development, social participation, career progression, and access to leadership development.

Our programs are focused on differentiation and a unique value proposition: increasing visibility, representation and recognition of the value of diverse women in Australia. As such, PMW programs are tailored to professional migrant women and designed and delivered by professional migrant women. 

At PMW, we have created a space where you can find a community that understands your needs, provides a safe and culturally sensitive environment and supports you in your professional growth. Our programs help you develop your employability skills, build your competencies, and rebuild the confidence you need to take on the Australian job market. 

We offer a platform for migrant women to have opportunities for social participation, career progression, and access to leadership development. We strongly believe that increasing women’s participation leads to benefits for individuals, families, and the community. 


Unemployed or Underemployed Migrant Women

Women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds face the compound effect of intersectional issues. In particular, migrant and refugee women, who are overrepresented in insecure and low paid work.

They experience additional barriers to education and employment as a result of the migration experience and multiple systemic barriers such as:

  • Language limitations
  • Separation from family and other support networks
  • Lack of understanding of the domestic job market
  •  A skill gap in the recruitment process
  • Racism and discrimination
  • Lack of local work experience
  • Limited access to culturally responsive services
  • Lack of knowledge about their rights, the legal system and the support systems available in their languages
  • Precarious visa status.

Professionally Employed Migrant Women

Making it into a professional job is not the end of the intersectional issues for diverse women. There is a lot more work to achieve authentic equality for diverse women.

Many organisations are yet to maximise the potential and contribution of talented professionals that feel unheard, undervalued and underrepresented in the workplace. As a person with lived experience, Fabiola’s purpose is to help diverse women through our community of support and professional development programs, to understand their environment, articulate their worth and add more value to their organisation.  

Our Values

We build meaningful connections and a sense of belonging within ourselves, our community, and beyond.

We value the uniqueness of each person and strive to see others for who they really are.

We provide a safe and supportive environment where women can grow intellectually, find emotional support and the confidence to become financially secure.