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The PMW initiative grows each day thanks to the strong passion and commitment of our core team and volunteers. Connect with them to get to know more about these wonderful women.


Leadership Team

Fabiola Campbell – Founder, CEO & Program Director

Fabiola has a rich history of dedicated service to the professional migrant community. Currently, she serves on the Regional Advisory Council for the Victorian Multicultural Commission and advises various initiatives for migrant women. As the visionary founder of PMW, she is dedicated to promoting gender equality, leadership, and diversity. Her mission is to boost the visibility and representation of professional migrant women in professional Australia, supporting their career growth and development. Notably, Fabiola spearheads the planning and management of all training programs conducted at PMW, contributing significantly to the organization’s impactful initiatives.

Lina Orozco Munera – Director of Communications and Engagement

Lina has over a decade of creative communications and marketing experience, with ample expertise in community and stakeholder engagement, digital communications, inclusive communications and strategic branding, both in the corporate and non-profit sectors. Passionate about gender equality and women’s rights, she has over five years of experience in the domestic and gender-based violence and preventing violence against women sector, and currently serve as a member of the Regional Advisory Council for the Victorian Multicultural Commission advising on behalf of migrant women. Lina joined PMW as a volunteer in 2021, leading strategic communications projects and initiatives such as PMW rebrand and brand strategy. Lina became a partner in 2023, and continues to drive PMW’s vision of empowering migrant women through strategic leadership and advocacy as PMW’s Director of Communications and Engagement.

Diana Santibanez – Director of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development

Diana brings over 12 years of diverse financial experience in Asset Consultancy, Managed Funds, and Super Funds. Her international and domestic expertise spans business analysis, investment research, and client servicing. Committed to sustainability, equity, and ethical diligence, Diana offers a unique fusion of financial acumen and ethical dedication. Diana is also the host of the podcast No Second Class Citizens, where she engages in insightful conversations with a diverse range of guests discussing current affairs through a gender-focused lens. Diana joined PMW in 2023 as a partner, contributing her expertise to shape the landscape of responsible businesses, focusing on strategic partnerships and business development initiatives.