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Our Story

We aim to maximise the visibility and representation of migrant women in professional Australia.


Closing the gap between migration and professional employment for women

As migrant women ourselves, we know first-hand how challenging the migration experience can be, placing many migrants -especially women- in vulnerable positions. They can encounter a lack of opportunities, discrimination, isolation, mental health issues, and domestic violence amongst other challenges and hardships.


Founded in 2019 by Fabiola Campbell, PMW was created from the desire to change the migrant women’s story and address the struggles that many of us experience when trying to secure a professional job and break into the Australian market. 


During her 15-year journey as a migrant, Fabiola gained experience in different areas such as community development, professional coaching, and professional training. This expertise led to the PMW mentoring program, which started with three participants (which we call mentees) in October 2019 and expanded to a group of 12 regular mentees by December 2019. Today, PMW hosts two semesters per year, with groups of up to 10 mentees from across Australia. 


Our supportive community for professional growth



At PMW, we have also created a space where you can find a community that understands your needs, provides a safe and culturally sensitive environment and supports you in your professional growth. Our supportive community helps you develop your employability skills, build your competencies, and rebuild the confidence you need to take on the Australian job market.

We offer a platform for migrant women to have opportunities for social participation, career progression, and access to leadership development. We strongly believe that increasing women’s participation leads to benefits for individuals, families, and the community.


Maximise the visibility and representation of migrant women in professional Australia.

Equality and representation for diverse women. 

  • Civic and social participation:  maximise contribution through meaningful engagement.  


  • Safety and wellbeing: reduce risk factors associated with unemployment.


  • Intersectional Representation: foster the diverse leaders of tomorrow.