MFFs Forever


This Valentine’s Day, we wanted to dedicate this edition of our blog to our MFFs: Migrant Female Friendships.

Oftentimes we associate displacement with the difficulties of leaving our blood relatives behind. In contrast, we rarely address the role of our chosen family in our relocation journey. 

Let’s talk about the significance of our Migrant Female Friendships in our migration odyssey.

They Get it. 

Your MFFs understand what you’re going through, they can relate to your journey and they might even be further down the path you’re navigating. They understand the difficulties of having one’s family abroad and the importance of finding your community onshore. 

They’re very similar and yet very diverse. They offer a wealth of perspective and knowledge, enriching our view of the world. Each of us may have faced unique challenges in our migration journey, offering valuable insights and support to others facing similar obstacles.

MFFs Can Be Your Healthiest Relationships Ever

Quite often people say that making friends as an adult can be terrifying. And they’re not wrong: we’re more picky about who we want to be vulnerable with. We now know what we like and what our boundaries are. We’re busier than ever and we have no time for BS.

Unlike some of the friendships rooted in tradition or familiarity – like your friends from your old neighbourhood or school – your migrant friendships are more likely to come together out of mutual interest and respect rather than bound by any external factors.

Our Differences Can Preserve One’s Heritage

Our MFFs play a crucial role in preserving our cultural identity and heritage. 

In the process of adapting to a new culture, in an effort to blend in, we might risk cultural alienation and identity loss. However, through our interactions with our fellow migrant friends, we can celebrate our cultural roots, share traditions, and combat feelings of isolation. These friendships provide a platform to share customs and stories, reinforcing our sense of identity and belonging.

Meetings Your Next MFFs

At PMW, we take pride in cultivating more than just a community of professionals. Through our programs and events, we aim not only to enhance women’s visibility in the workspace but also to foster a network of individuals eager to connect and support one another.

If you’re on the lookout for your future MFFs, join us at any of our upcoming events in March! Check out this link

And to our MFFs: Happy Galentine’s Day!