Unlock Your Potential with Positive Intelligence: The Secret to Thriving in Life


We all know that our thoughts can sometimes hold us back and prevent us from reaching our full potential. That's where Positive Intelligence (PQ) comes in. Positive Intelligence focuses on our ability to use our experiences, knowledge, and mindset to unlock our true potential. It's a way of thinking that helps us navigate life's challenges with empowering and resilient thoughts, rather than getting stuck in a negative and reactive mindset. 

I was tasked with leading a comprehensive strategic and regional review of my function, collaborating with colleagues across Asia. This presented a high-stakes, highly visible opportunity to shape our future work methods, introduce efficiencies and innovations and chart our division's roadmap and strategy for the region. I felt the weight of responsibility, accompanied by a whirlwind of self-limiting thoughts, fear, and self-judgement. I found myself thinking, "I should be more strategic," "I must get this right," and "It's all on my shoulders if we don't succeed." 

Initially, I believed I was the only one wrestling with these fears. It seemed that others around me handled their opportunities and the occasional setbacks with ease. However, I later discovered that my younger self was not alone in this struggle. Research reveals that 70%  of people have felt inadequate and experienced self-doubt. I was increasingly overworking, setting unrealistic standards for myself and I was anxious – a departure from my usual self. Does this sound familiar to you too? 

Our inner mental dialogues and limiting beliefs can often trap us in a reactive, stuck state, hindering our potential. You've likely heard of IQ (Intelligent Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient). Allow me to introduce you to PQ – Positive Intelligence, which centers on our ability to tap into our experiences, knowledge, IQ, and EQ to unlock our full potential. Essentially, Positive Intelligence helps us navigate life's natural ups and downs with supportive rather than limiting thoughts.

Through Positive Intelligence, I've learned: 

  • We frequently grapple with limiting beliefs that hold us back instead of moving us forward. The key is to recognize and challenge these common mental saboteurs.  

  • When we find ourselves caught up by unhelpful thoughts, we possess the power to break free by establishing new habits that stop repetitive limiting beliefs.  

  • We can reframe our thoughts to reveal our best selves.Accessing supportive beliefs enables us to approach life with openness, curiosity, and self-empowerment. 

Where do you find yourself at this moment? Are you operating from an empowered, open, and curious standpoint, embracing your purpose and opportunities, or are you reacting to circumstances with fear, stress, and doubt? We all oscillate between these states, and Positive Intelligence equips us with practical tools to consistently break free from unhelpful inner critics, allowing us to create new mental habits that support and back ourselves consistently. 

As a leadership coach, I was recently asked what advice I would give to my younger self. To begin, I'd give my younger self a warm embrace and say the following:  

  • You are enough.  

  • You are unique – celebrate what makes you special and share your experiences and gifts with others.  

  • Give yourself full permission to fail, learn, and enjoy the messy bits. 

What advice would you extend to your younger self, and how could you support yourself today? 

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Ida Huang

Having been a migrant in 6 countries across Europe, Asia and now Australia, Ida is well versed in navigating transitions, uncertainty and limiting beliefs.

Ida is an executive leadership coach, with 20 years’ cross-industry experience in FTSE 500 companies from energy to professional services. Her passion is helping women thrive at work and at home with mental fitness for better well-being, performance, and relationships. Her clients are across industries and include KPMG and Telstra, supporting their women leaders to amplify their impact. Ida is an accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation.

She is based in Sydney with her husband, two boys and labradoodle and enjoys karate with her sons.