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Undefeated is a collection of 118 stories from 90 migrant women, who against all odds, overcame the challenges and barriers of living in a foreign land, speaking a different language, and being singled out for the wrong reason. It is also a celebration of their journey, their power, and their contribution to a multicultural Australia. 


If you are also a migrant woman, we hope that you feel seen in this book – that these stories inspire you to continue to show up, take space, and embrace who you are.


By purchasing this book, you will contribute to supporting PMW’s mission to increase visibility and representation of migrant women in Australia through their programs and activities.


Amplify the Voices of Migrant Women

Quantity discounts are available when copies of this book are purchased in bulk for corporate gifts, promotions and community events. You can also invite our authors and team to speak at your events and share their experiences. Contact us with your request at lets.talk@professionalmigrantwomen.com.au


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14 reviews for Undefeated (Paperback)

  1. admin

    These stories speak to the reckoning of belonging, by stumbling, meandering, wrestling, gliding, discovering and conquering fear. While these women embody resilience, it’s their armour of cultural grit that shines.

    Tasneem Chopra – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consultant

  2. admin

    This is a book that should be read by everyone regardless of their age, gender or background. It is a candid and at times raw portrayal of what it is to be a woman, what it is to be a migrant and what it is like to oscillate between two irreconcilable worlds. Written from the heart by 90 women of diverse origins, it’s a gracefully beautiful tale of hope and resilience. It inspires with its words of wisdom but also offers a glimpse into the darker corners of our minds as we go through life. The format of the book allows you to dip in and out of the pages, and each time you do, you’ll get that glowing feeling, that sense of wonder, those goosebumps as you imagine yourself facing all of your challenges – and succeeding.

    Eva Hussain – Director – Relationships & Growth – Polaron Language Services

  3. admin

    This is a treasured collection of the untold stories of many women, who courageously brave an ocean of risk, leaving the comfort of familiarity to build their dreams in a country they now call home. Never letting the cruelties of life trample on their spirit. Instead they have risen like phoenixes over and over again. Simply inspirational!

    Suet Koon Lai – Executive & Leadership Coach

  4. admin

    Undefeated is a phenomenal collection of stories, all with different layers and complexity but also similar in that they all are written with a deep sense of passion, emotion – the resilience, tenacity, scarcity and abundance, determination, grief, joy, trauma, triumph, need for belonging, love and hope exudes as you read each

    This tapestry of unique stories takes you 118 different journeys – transporting you into their world which on the face may seem so far from what is familiar to us – yet each one sparks curiosity which leads us to understanding, connection, and we realise our common ground and that there is more that unites us than divides us.

    An inspiring and captivating read.

    Malini Raj – Diversity and Inclusion Advocate

  5. admin

    Undefeated is a very inspiring and informative collection of professional migrant women stories who have overcome settlement challenges, often against all odds. I recommend this publication to anyone interested in multicultural Australia.

    Elizabeth Drozd. CEO, Australian Multicultural Community Services

  6. admin

    Undefeated is an empowerment lever, giving voice and visibility to other migrant women to see glimpses of themselves amongst the 90 heroine accounts. Moreover, Undefeated is about advocacy and should be read by leaders driving gender equity in systems. A must read to understand migrant women’s social cohesion, inequity in employment and education, in Australia.”

    Div Pillay, CEO MindTribes, AFR 100 Women of Influence & Gender Intersectional Researcher, Practitioner and Advocate

  7. Lina Arcila

    Absolutely love it, amazing book with inspiring stories.

  8. Isabel Forrest (verified owner)

    I’m in tears, then I’m joyful, then I’m excited and proud. What a roller coaster of emotions! I never thought I could feel so much by reading short stories from migrant women from so many different backgrounds. As a migrant professional, I was seeing the migration journey in monochrome, now and thanks to Undefeated, I can see and empathise with many journeys in different colours and flavours. I’m honoured to read these stories and I know everyone who reads them will become a better human towards those who have a different background. If you are living away from home, this book will inspire you, educate you and make you feel that you are not the only one.

  9. Alejandra (verified owner)

    Is just amazing to have the chance to know each story, how different they are but somehow you can find a bit of yourself and your own story in some of them. As a migrant woman, I’m finding this book absolutely inspiring, to accept each challenge, to keep fighting for my dreams and to accept every part of this beautiful journey with resilience

  10. Chloe Lim

    A great insight into the different journeys each woman go through as a migrant in a foreign country. If you’re looking to understand the life of a migrant, this book is a wonderfully written and inspiring collection of stories of grit and resilience with a hint of humour. This book helped me to see others with more empathy and understanding knowing that we don’t always know the whole story. A must-read to illuminate the challenges faced by migrants and start the conversation of how we can be more inclusive and ultimately loving to one another.

  11. Pilar

    The stories are amazing. They touch on very common problems that are not commonly exposed, and yet it is inspiring and hopeful. A rollercoaster of emotions that finishes with feeling extremely proud of people and the bravery they all faced when going out of their comfort zone. This is a highly recommended book to find inspiration in other people’s experiences.

  12. Mayase

    All the stories brought me courage that even though at times it may feel like it but we never walk alone. We build our own tribes and am blessed to read all these varied journeys and the courage they ask us to have

  13. Ola Abdelnour

    A must-read for all who wish to understand the journey of a migrant and the wonders and challenges of being a woman, and to fellow migrants to know you are not alone. It’s a raw, emotional, honest and touching collection of stories from near and far, past and present. It made me smile and cry and to feel so connected to humanity.

  14. Jo (verified owner)

    These short stories shed some light on the migrant women from different cultures and walks of life. These women share what they felt, encountered and overcome while they built their new lives in Australia. A heartfelt and wonderful read to get a glimpse into the fabric of multicultural Australia.

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