Panel Members

Every session, we invite three professionals in the industry of interest of our mentee to form an interview panel and conduct a mock job interview. Before the session, PMW will provide each panel member with the candidate’s CV and cover letter, the job description they are ‘applying’ for, and interview questions prepared by the PMW team.

Mock interviews are an essential part of our mentoring program. They provide our mentees with practice for real job interviews and contact with professionals in Australia in their industry. As interviews are performed in front of a group, all participants benefit from the insight gained in the session, which further develop and improve their individual interview skills.

We ask a time contribution of 2 hours in the evening, during a day in the week previously accorded, per interview. 

We encourage all attendees to prepare to be seen for who they really are and to share generously their experience and knowledge. We thank them sincerely for their contributions and insights!

The session follows a predetermined agenda that outlines the different parts of the meeting. As part of each session, the panel members will conduct a mock interview for a maximum of 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, each panel member is given the opportunity to share their honest and constructive feedback with the candidate.

Later, each panel member also has the opportunity to talk about themselves, their passions, their careers, and share their stories. It is often in the sharing of these experiences that our participants relate to the panellist, which leads to personal and professional connections.