To generate equal opportunities for professional migrant women in the Australian job market.

To be the number one platform for professional development and social connection for professional migrant women in Australia.

  1. Professional and social participation: Acknowledgement of the potential and contribution that professional migrant women can make when having meaningful employment. hASFHQoif’oihsf’ohsf


  2. Safety and wellbeing: Reduction of risk factors associated with unemployment for women such as isolation, physical and mental health issues, and domestic violence.


  3. Career progression and leadership opportunities: Support women in their professional journey and foster the diverse leaders of tomorrow.
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About Our Community

PMW is all about our community. It’s our heart and soul, and quite frankly, what makes us so unique. The promotion and support of this fantastic community are what keeps attracting new migrant women to our community.


The best part? You don’t have to be a volunteer or dedicate a certain amount of time to be part of our community. You can show your support and receive insightful information just by being part of our community.


There are different ways you can be part of our community. Showing support for our mentees and volunteers is one, commenting and sharing our posts in your networks is another, or even being part of our LinkedIn Group and sharing insightful information helps grow our community.


Our LinkedIn Community


We believe in the power of knowledge, self-determination, collaboration, and women supporting each other. This is the reason why we created the Professional Migrant Women Community Group on LinkedIn. This platform aims to enable all of us to connect, hone our skills, and share our talents whilst celebrating our successes with everyone who is part, or has been part of the PMW community.


As we grow, we welcome diverse, smart, talented, resilient, and professional women who reach out for our support. Our community group includes migrant and local professional women, ready to mentor, engage, and show the way in a safe, inclusive space. We believe in the sentiment of paying it forward as an accelerated way to achieve our goals in unity. Join us in sharing resources and stories in our community here.