Become a Mentor Group Leader

Group leaders are a very special kind of women who are ready to give back to their community and want to volunteer their time to the cause. Sounds like this might be you?


Become a Mentor Group Leader

Do you remember what it was like to look for a job and not be able to find one? Most professional migrants find this process very frustrating, and sometimes even lonely. Now that you have learned how to navigate the subtleties and complexities of the Australian job market, you’re able to teach others! And most importantly, let them know that the struggle is real but that they are not alone.

If you are:

  • a woman with a knack for connecting 
  • a good listener
  • compassionate and empathetic
  • resourceful and creative
  • passionate about learning and sharing knowledge
  • a talented networker face-to-face and via LinkedIn


Then, you are the kind of leader that our community needs and we’re looking for!

Commit to our 12-week program during the semester program. We provide the methodology and training, so you can lead with confidence.

Our semesters run from mid-January to June and from July to mid-December. Each semester has a maximum of 12 sessions and 10 mentees who will rely on you for guidance and advice.

  • 12 sessions per semester (each session is 2-hour and is held fortnightly)
  • 2 hours administration work per week
  • 1 hour personal contact with one mentee per fortnight
  • 2 hours networking time per week

To register your interest as a Group Leader, click the button below and complete the form. We will contact candidates before the beginning of each semester.