Thank you! – The importance of small gesture


Words by Bianca Oana Asanache

Hello PMWs!

We hope life’s treating you well.


Just a quick one today.


Last time, we talked about the top 3 favourite questions recruiters ask in an interview.


In this tip-of-the-day post, we will tackle a different step of the interviewing process. It’s that part that comes after the interview. You’re waiting to hear back from the company and compulsively check the phone and e-mail to see if you’ve been successful. Perhaps you think you are all done and can just relax and treat yourself to a latte now…Wrong!


There’s one more little thing that most people forget to do: sending a thank-you e-mail. Simple as that! This step is so important that we can actually consider it part of the interview.


Not only it’s an act of kindness that shows appreciation for the opportunity you had (after all, they have picked you up from a pile of hundreds of other candidates) but it’s a very smart way to stand out from the crowd. They will remember you!


What should you include?

  • Their name
  • Make it personal: mention something you discussed in the interview that struck you.
  • Show high enthusiasm!
  • Include a P.S. if you can. This helps to establish a further connection (remember to keep it professional).

Timing is essential too. Make sure you send it no later than 24h after the interview.


If you want to see a real thank you email that worked (and eventually got me the job), just leave a comment here below.


That’s it for now. Happy hunting PMWs!


So long,

The PMW Team 😉