Taking a leap of faith

Words by Diana Milena Lopez Duque   Who says that migrating to another country is an easy job? If anyone thinks it is, please give us the secret recipe. We, migrants, took a leap of faith moving to another country. From the very moment we are at the airport, saying goodbye to our family, with […]

International Women’s Day 2021 #ChoosetoChallenge

Lessons from #ChooseToChallenge Month “You’ve got to tell the world how to treat you. If the world tells you how you are going to be treated, you are in trouble.” James Baldwin. This year, the International Women’s Day theme is #ChooseToChallenge gender bias and inequality. This campaign’s highlights go beyond simply celebrating women’s performances. It’s […]

Migration, Roots & Identity

Words by Bianca Oana Asanache     To uproot   verb [ T ] 1) uproot verb [T] (plant) to pull a plant including its roots out of the ground 2) uproot verb [T] (person) to remove a person from their home or usual environment   (From the Cambridge Dictionary)   Uprooted, interrupted, removed, displaced. […]