Zahra Mutaf

Zahra has been a resident of Ivanhoe and Heidelberg for over 18 years and have forged many strong friendships and networks in this community. While her family has had some of the usual new Australian experience, she has also had the opportunity to raise two wonderful, empathetic and self-motivated children. Her daughter is currently in her last year of high school, while Her son is undertaking tertiary studies. Volunteering is her core belief in building functioning community and served on, various committees around the community including Ivanhoe Primary School, Kew High School, Ivanhoe Junior Football Club, as well as being a team manager for the Ivanhoe Knights Girls Basketball team and member of the committee of Somali Community Victoria and the Kew High Chaplaincy. She also encourage my children to volunteer – her son is currently coaching the Ivanhoe Knights Basketball Club in a volunteer capacity. They are also active involved at the Simpson Army Barracks in JagaJaga. She encouraged her son and daughter to enrol in the Air Force Cadet program at the barracks, to show gratitude to their great servicemen and women. Through our continued presence, they endeavoured to help create and foster positive engagement between the Anzac ceremony at Greensborough RSL. and the community of JagaJaga. They understood the role and importance of the Barracks in their community, as well as the needs of their former service people and Veterans of War, as such they pledged their unconditional support to Veterans and their plight. Zahra has an Advanced Diploma in Building Design (Architectural) as well as a BA in Architecture and Built Environments. Her qualifications have allowed her to work with well-respected Melbourne Architectural offices such as Peddle Thorp, Thomson and Adsetts and Pertridis Architects. In 2012, she returned to Somalia for two years to work for the newly elected democratic Somali government on a UNICEF funded project. The project’s aim was to help rebuild government schools that had been destroyed during the Somali Civil War. As a senior member of the newly formed committee, she was given the responsibility to oversee the building of 73 new and old schools as well first university public. After her stay, she returned with a renewed zeal and immediately got back to work serving my community. As a businessperson, the owner of ZAM Design which specialises in building design consultancy, she understand and feel the challenges many small business face in the covid19 era. It is her goal to support all and offer her services in the fields of architecture and urban planning, in order to further enrich hercommunity in its continued development.

All Sessions by Zahra Mutaf

The Power of the Female Vote April 27, 2022
5:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Bagung Magali Community Room, Bargoonga Nganjin, North Fitzroy Library - 182 St Georges Road, Fitzroy North