Recruiters top 3 favourite interview questions


Words by Bianca Oana Asanache


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Today, we want to talk about a topic that probably most of you dread: interview questions. Brrr, some of you may get shivers just reading the word interview. But don’t fear! We have asked a few recruiters what their favourite interview questions are so you can prepare.


1. What do you know about us?

This very simple question is overlooked oftentimes. 

TIP! Research, research, research! We can’t stress enough the importance of doing research on the company to find out about their mission, vision, culture, goals. If you’re a professional stalker, all those hours spent on “researching” your crush on social media networks will come in handy. Do the same for the company you’re applying for! There’s nothing more disappointing for an HR than seeing that the applicant hasn’t done her homework and knows nothing about the company. Remember that people loooove hearing others talking about them. If you’re not familiar with Glassdoor, this is the perfect time for you to get on it and use it religiously when applying for jobs.


2. Why are you the best candidate for this job?

If you find it hard to answer this question, you shouldn’t even be in the interview. In today’s job market, competition is high. HRs want to narrow down their options and be sure they make the right choice. This is your opportunity to stand out and tell them what your resume can’t.

TIP! Think about what makes you unique. What is that special talent you have that would add value to the company? What is your superpower?


3. Do you have questions for me?

There’s only one answer here. You guessed it. It’s YES!!! Don’t forget this is a two-way conversation. In this part of the interview, you take control of the game and get to ask the questions. What is their work culture? Do they offer professional development opportunities? What are their goals in the next 3, 6, 9 months?

TIP! Ask questions about their management style and work culture if you want to make sure that the company is the right fit for you.


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We hope this helped. Happy hunting PMWs!


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Recruiters top 3 favourite interview questions