What Type of Employment Strategy is Right for You as a Migrant Woman?

By Fabiola Campbell


Struggling with finding that elusive professional job that you are qualified for and totally frustrated with your lack of results, no matter how many job applications you send? And thought to yourself, I’m applying for many jobs, improved my applications every time and I just can’t even get an interview?


If you’re about to lose it on the next person that tells you, just apply for lower position or do voluntary work, and you desperately want to feel valued, capable and visible again, read the following facts.

Women and Migrants are more likely to encounter obstacles when securing a job in Australia?

You are certainly not alone, ladies. The research, my personal experience and the experience of hundreds of other professional migrant women in our community confirm what we already know: it is harder for migrant women to secure professional jobs in Australia. Working with hundreds of other migrant women have help me understand the main obstacles for finding professional jobs. 


As migrants, we lack understanding of the recruitment process in Australia, a professional network that open opportunities in the hidden job market and a community of peers that provide perspective and emotional support. And let’s be honest; after putting everything on the line to move to a new country and not being able to secure a professional job is not only a big toll for your self-confidence, but also for your mental health.

However, what you really need to know is that there are solutions. With our game-changing program from our team of professionally qualified with lived experienced experts, you’ll get the knowledge and tools you need to understand your value, communicate it with clarity, and even connect with many professionals in your industry so that you can get back your old confident self and secure a professional job where you can add value with the skills that you already have.

Our Program is a Life Changer

Over the course of our program, you’ll finally begin to understand why you’re struggling with your job search, as well as the uncertainty, self-doubt, lack of clarity, feeling of isolation, and a flat-lined confidence that you might be experiencing. 


With our unique and culturally relevant approach in this program, you’ll begin to finally take ownership of your story and every other aspect of your authentic self as well.
With this 12-week experiential program, you’ll get:


  • The 12 keys for career success from insightful self-knowledge to meaningful self-promotion
  • Instructional videos, practical exercises and step-by-step templates to guide you on your progress.
  • A group mentor and the support of our team and our community.
  • Short homework assignments with concrete actionable steps.

This Extremely Comprehensive Program Will Get You the Best Results Possible

The life-changing and career expert advice and tips that you’ll learn and put into action include:

  • Why applying for jobs without understanding the process is the worst advice.

  • Why you should stop doing the same old activities and start implementing new job searching strategies instead.
  • What actions will continue to stop you from reaching your goals, and which ones will get you closer to your dream job.
  • Why you should stop second guessing yourself, now.
  • What are the best activities that will help you understand the local job market.
  • How to gain clear understanding of your desired job and your professional industry.
  • How to confidently build your professional networks and make meaningful connections.
  • How to harness the stress of your current circumstances and develop yourself for a huge personal transformation!
  • How to make a mindset change that can set you for a successful career progression
  • How to get measurable results and have fun doing it.

Get the Best Version of You Back

Here’s some of the life-changing benefits you can look forward to:

  • Recognise your personal values and superpowers.

  • Increased self-confidence.

  • Feeling proud of who you are as a migrant, as a professional and as a woman.

  • A feeling of integration of the old and the new you.

  • A sense of contribution to others.

  • Clearer thinking.

  • Experience a strong sense of belonging.

  • Communicate your value with confidence.

  • Feeling and projecting self-worth.

  • A greater sense of overall well-being and a happier outlook.

  • Rocking your new powerful self, down the catwalk of your life!

What People Are Saying

“One of the things that I liked most about the program was the reflection on our values and superpowers to define the job that combines our potential, skills and passion. The community of professional migrant women is a place where we can be ourselves and feel safe, seen, heard, and respected for who we are and feel a sense of belonging. You don’t need to do the professional job hunting journey alone.” ANGIE TRIANA, Mentee Semester 1-2021


“Thanks to the PMW mentoring program, I had the chance to connect with other migrant women in a similar situation and never felt alone in my journey. The contact network, support and guidance offered by all the wonderful and selfless women involved in the program is a real asset.” ANE ALDALUR SOTO, Mentee 2021


“PMW is way above the pathway of professional employment. It is a sense of belonging to a big warm family. It is about empowering each other. It is about learning from each other, mentees from mentors, and vice visa, and it is about growing and thriving together ” VIVIAN CHEN, Mentor 2021


“Thanks for your leading, caring and time to encourage and empower us! not letting us give up on our passion and dreams. More confident, more controlled, more secure, more accurate and more myself! Knowing that everything that I have is still here… it’s what I am made of… I am a professional migrant woman skilled enough for the Australian professional skilled workforce.” ZUAAD GUERRA, Mentee 2021


“In the PMW program, I’ve found the empathy, support and empowerment I was lacking in this journey. Looking for a professional job in Australia by yourself can be overwhelming. Being supported in every step of your journey by amazing, talented, and successful women who have been through the same is simply priceless. This program provided me with the tools and the confidence I needed to find my professional job. And I DID!” PAULINA JUAREZ, Mentee 2021


“PMW provides a supportive and nurturing community, which champions migrant women’s empowerment. My PMW journey as a mentor has witnessed enrichment, optimism, learning, confidence, and growth from being enthusiastic about lifting other women up and being passionate about their achievements as I have been about my own. ” JULIANA MUTUM, Mentor 2021


“PMW gave me Hope. Not giving up even when disappointed and tired. PMW completed the last pieces of my Job seeking puzzle. Job seeking stories of current successful people who were a new migrant and a job seeker one day was the most effective and inspiring part of PMW for me ” FREYA GHAZIZADEH, Mentee Semester 1-2021


“I am very grateful for the learning obtained in this program. It helped me gain confidence by sharing professional challenges as migrants with other women. I take from PMW trust and support in a beautiful community of free and independent women. ” LILIANA VARGAS, Mentee Semester 1-2021


“Being part of this program helped me to build up my s-confidence and realise that I am not alone in this career development journey. Every session was valuable and motivating as we heard success stories that made me believe that finding a professional job in Australia is a real possibility.” MELBA VANEGAS, Mentee Semester 1- 2021


“Being part of professional migrant women was such a good experience in my life. Because I was struggling with my self-confidence and during each session, I was encouraged to believe in myself. This experience helped build up my self-confidence, learn about my superpowers and find inspiration from others like me facing the challenge to find my professional dream job. Thank you for your commitment and encouragement to all the mentors. You all are amazing. LUISA AGUILLON Mentee Semester 1-2021


Professional Migrant Women has an excellent mentoring program that helped me understand Australia’s norms and cultural practices. Additionally, it provided me with job-seeking advice and helped me develop networking opportunities. This allows me to confidently approach the Australian job market, enabling me to sense belonging in this country. ALPHA PONCE, Mentee Semester 1-2021


About Professional Migrant Women

Our aim is to maximise the potential and contribution of professional migrant women through meaningful employment.


At PMW, we have created a space where you can find a community that understands your needs, provides a safe and culturally sensitive environment and supports you in your professional growth. Our programs help you develop your employability skills, build your competencies, and rebuild the confidence you need to take on the Australian job market.


Our community includes the support of local professional women and men, ready to provide advice, engage with our mentees, and guide them through their employability journey in Australia in a safe and inclusive manner.


We offer a platform for migrant women to have opportunities for social participation, career progression, and access to leadership development. We strongly believe that increasing women’s participation leads to benefits for individuals, families, and the community.


We encourage the sharing of resources and believe in the sentiment of paying it forward as an accelerated way to achieve our goals in unity. Our purpose and values stem from our belief in the power of knowledge, self-determination, collaboration, and sorority.

Program Details

  • Starting date: Monday 16 of May 2022
  • Finishing Date: 1st of August
  • Weekly 1.5-hour live session via Zoom
  • Session times: 6.00 to 7.30pm
  • Maximum of 10 participants per group

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Fabiola Campbell is the founder of Professional Migrant Women, her mission is to maximise the potential and contribution of professional migrant women in Australia through meaningful employment, career progression and leadership development. She is joined by other talented and inspirational migrant women who offer professional development experiences through an intersectional lens at the PMW Academy. Fabiola’s big dream is to have equality of opportunities in our society and empower professional migrant women to be represented in every place where decisions are made.