Attend a Meeting as a Visitor

We welcome visitors! Get access to a one-free session to find out what PMW can do for you.


At PMW, we hold mentoring sessions in groups of up to 10 participants per semester. Group sessions provide a community experience where learnings are shared, connections are formed, and professional networks are built. Small sessions also present the opportunity for each mentee to experience every aspect of the mentoring program, matching their needs and learning from the experiences of others.

Learning by doing


Everybody has an active role in our meetings. We provide a friendly and supportive environment, where participants develop their skills in a learn-by-doing manner. Meeting responsibilities are shared and rotated amongst the members, allowing mentees to develop the skills needed to navigate the Australian job market with confidence. Our semesters consist of groups of up to 10 mentees that meet every second week, for two hours in the evening, via video conference. Contact us for meeting details and access to the mentoring sessions.